what i said: i wish we had more queer characters in media
what that does not mean: i want gay characters to be the butt of jokes all the fucking time
what it also doesn't mean: please do something terrible to a trans woman
what it also also doesn't mean: queerbaiting
what it also also doesn't mean: I want all of those queer characters to be gay white men from the suburbs



Comic about slurs, published in the Galago magazine last summer. 

And this is really how it is. Instead of placing the onus on us and asking why we don’t say anything, ask yourselves instead why you don’t think it’s a problem that it goes unchecked.



Puppies with pacifiers

paci pup!

me: has emotionally crippling thing happen to me at the absolute worst time possible

me: at least i still have bioshock!! i love bioshock!! who wants to talk about bioshock!!


*gets abducted by aliens* thank you. you have no idea how much i hated living on that planet

Your obsession with bioshock is sad, and your stupid tumblr posse makes you think it's okay. Eat better food, go outside, go drinking! Live outside of your obsessed bubble! That is the advice they /should/ be giving you. You can have something to enjoy but using it as an emotional crutch is abnormal and unhealthy for you. I hope you don't take this offensively, I just hate to see you doing this to yourself.

thank you. i dont take this offensively at all. thank you! i live for ppls judgement of me! also please feel free to continue to insult my friends even though theyre my only support system!! 

thank you! you are foul and ugly and i hope you dont take that offensively! have a good day

im gonna beo ver on my kinblog. lms if u want the url

hey if any more of my close friends want to cut ties then please do it right now thank you i dont have the emotional capacity to lose literally all of my close friends every other week. thank you!


#5690: one more day

thats it?? just like that?? 



Rapunzel ‘negotiates’ her way to the lights!

Story boards and the final animated sequence for Tangled (2010).

as if the straights are ever invited to sander cohens gallery parties anyway


the rancho relaxo is golden and no one will convince me otherwise

buy here!! i’ll also be selling this at kraken con too